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Tuesday, November 17, 2015
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1:30 PM Eastern 12:30 PM Central
11:30 AM Mountain 10:30 AM Pacific

Does your current pricing strategy accurately reflect costs along with quality to positively impact patient outcomes and reimbursement?

Join us to learn from the experts how price transparency regulations are requiring providers, both hospitals and physicians, to evaluate their pricing methodology and strategies; and more importantly, why.

Learning Objectives

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Pricing methodology and strategies have evolved over the years from an irrational system of setting prices to cover shortfalls from federal and state funding programs and charity care costs to a system where prices are set rationally based upon costs and local market dynamics. The logical progression in the area of price setting is for prices to be established based upon cost and quality. The incorporation of quality into the pricing equation will move the industry towards true transparency and result in the achievement of our healthcare system's goal of value based payments.

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Greg Adams, FHFMA
Chief Strategy Officer
Panacea Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Henry Gutierrez
Vice President, Financial Consulting Services
Panacea Healthcare Solutions, Inc.


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