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On January 1, 2018, the Medicare program started to reimburse less-much less-to laboratories than what they were being previously paid. Experts say these price cuts were the single most disruptive financial event to our industry in three decades, and no doubt your lab has already felt the financial impact.

Given this direction reimbursement has gone, a key challenge in the industry is how to best position yourself to succeed in a payment arena where payers' views and expectations have changed dramatically. A foremost concern is managed care network status—and of course, being reimbursed.

In order to survive, it's imperative that all laboratories and pathologists understand the commercial payer process better in order to improve effective collection rates. Do you and your staff have a clear and accurate working knowledge of the various roles that play a part in processing network status and payment? Can you identify the central individuals who should be involved in the process? What are the rules that need to be followed? What are the actual policies that guide those rules? You'll get all these answers, and many more, when you sign up to attend the latest webinar from Pathology Webinars.

Register for "Managed Care: An Insiders' Guide to Improving Your Reimbursement Efficiency with Strategies That Work" today, then join us on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 to learn from laboratory and managed care industry experts Michael Snyder and Frank Dookie, as they provide you with the insiders' perspective on essential market intelligence and knowledge you need to respond to the loss of important revenue that your lab has experienced, and take you through a must-hear discussion regarding solutions to the barriers you face in getting the attention, and fulfilling the expectations, of the managed care payer.

Find out what insurers truly value from labs! Laboratories and pathologists have traditionally believed that since they do the work requested by the physician, they should get paid by the commercial payers. Don't base your efforts to gain network access or get reimbursed on this outdated premise—your proposition must be much broader than that. Because at the most basic level, insurers exist to serve their members and physicians, it follows that laboratories demonstrating value-added services, additional quality processes, and the ability to provide useful data will definitely boost their bid to join a provider network. You'll hear all about the initiatives you need to take.

Learn how to drive payers' perception of the value of your laboratory and pathology services, what will capture the positive attention of payers, how to figure out what's important to them—and then provide it! Your lab's ability to tackle a specific need will vastly improve your chances of getting in-network with the managed care provider, and what's more, reimbursement comes far easier once you understand the rules and the policies behind them, so that you may show how your services are benefitting the interests of the payer.

For one low price—just $245 For one low price—just $195 (through 6/15/18; $245 thereafter)—you and your entire team at one location can take part in this valuable learning session. Best of all, you'll be able to ask our speakers your questions on this topic when we open things up for audience Q&A.

Here is just some of what you'll learn during this in-depth 90-minute conference:

...and much more!

Whether you're a pathologist, laboratory administrator, billing manager, compliance officer—anyone dealing with network, billing, or reimbursement issues—or who is associated with a significant lab outreach program—this is one webinar you can't afford to miss.

Over the next three years continued reductions to reimbursements will unquestionably transform the lab space, and only those who understand how to get paid by the commercial payers will survive. That makes the participation of you and your entire lab team at this webinar vital, as nothing less than the financial health of your laboratory is at stake!

Register today to guarantee your place at this essential webinar! And remember that all your co-workers in one location can participate in this webinar with you.


Michael Snyder
Senior Vice President
Avalon Healthcare Solutions
Flemington, NJ

Michael Snyder is the Senior Vice President of Network Operations for Avalon Healthcare Solutions, LLC, a firm that provides comprehensive benefit management services to the health plan industry. A professional with more than 30 years of experience in the management of clinical laboratories, Snyder has served as President at COLLABORATORY.US, LLC, a company that manages hospital-based laboratory networks participating in health plan lab networks, and as Principal at Clinical Lab Business Solutions, LLC, a consulting firm delivering collaborative solutions for payers and laboratories.

Snyder has additionally served as Vice President of Lab Networks at UnitedHealthcare, as Chief Business Development Officer for Mount Sinai Medical Center, and as Senior Vice President for the Laboratory Corporation of America. He is a graduate of the biomedical sciences program at East Carolina University, located in Greenville, NC.

Frank R. Dookie, MBA
Contracting Executive
with a Major Managed Care Company
Woodbridge, NJ

Frank Dookie is a 28-year healthcare professional, primarily in the diagnostic industry. He has spent his career either working for instrumentation providers, laboratories, the intermediary space between laboratories and managed care companies, or managed care companies. He is passionate about the role that diagnostics plays, or can play in healthcare. His focus is contracting and working on strategies to successfully integrate lab medicine into the broader managed care strategy.


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