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*Approved for 1.0 CE credit from the American Society of Radiologic Technologists


Patients have more choices than ever in where to go for their healthcare needs. Differentiating your service is the key to creating loyal patients. The delivery of exceptional service should be viewed as a way of life within an organization. Excellent service doesn't just happen, it must be planned and managed if it is to be delivered consistently. This means ingraining it into the fabric of the organization so that it becomes known that service excellence is "how we do business." To do this, a Service Philosophy and Service Standards need to be established so all employees know the expectations of how to deliver great service. The patient experience must be orchestrated to ensure all opportunities to create exceptional and memorable moments will happen consistently. This webinar will identify the actions needed to structure a culture of service excellence and build strong patient loyalty.

Participants will learn:

  • How to develop a Service Philosophy and Service Standards
  • Identify the critical elements that affect the patient experience and explore the touch points that can Wow your patients
  • A mechanism to ensure your organization's processes are designed looking through the "lens of the patient"
  • Recognize "Everything Speaks" in your physical environment
  • Understand the systems and processes that create and sustain a culture of amazing service that empowers your employees to become Service Heroes

Featured Speaker

Customer service expert Teri Yanovitch has been on the frontline of the customer experience for more than three decades. Author of the acclaimed "Unleashing Excellence - The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service", she is a former customer service ambassador for the Walt Disney Company (a gold standard in customer service). She is also a former regional trainer of the southeast U.S. for the Hertz Corporation and is widely regarded as a leading authority in the field. Teri's passion is to engrain service excellence into the fabric of the organization so that every employee understands customer service is not an either/or proposition, nor an add-on to their job, but it IS their job.

Combining a memorable customer experience with giving the customer what was promised, is a winning combination that Teri honed while working with the noted guru of quality management, Philip Crosby, and her years as a keynote and seminar speaker at the Disney Institute.

Teri has helped many healthcare organizations over the years apply the best practices of exceptional service to achieve their goals in patient satisfaction. Recognizing the patient has many choices of healthcare providers in today's world, the competitive edge and differentiator has come in the patient experience.